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Positive results I have noticed from

Posted on June 16, 2012 by terryanns

It surprises me that, as many times as
I have heard about the benefits of
walking, I never really listened and I
certainly never applied it to my life.

For years the doctors, professionals,
and lay people alike have been
speaking of the numerous benefits of
walking. Lowing of blood pressure,
digestive benefits, weight loss,
lowered cholesterol, helping with
diabetes and the lists go on and on.

Not to mention, after tracking my
“steps” on a daily basis, I realized that
I walk about 4500 steps each day just
during the course of my day. Which
only leaves 5500 left in order to reach
my desired goal of 10,000 steps per

However, walking for these two weeks
with the group I have seen and felt
such a difference in my own life. Here
are the benefits I have personally
1. Sleeping better at night
2. Smaller waist size
3. Smaller thigh size
4. Weight loss
5. Feeling stronger
6. Fresh Air
7. Sunshine
8. Time spent with my grandkids
during walk
9. Socializing with group members
Pretty great results from an activity
that is free, easy and always available.
So here’s to walking. Hope you get
your “walk on” today !!!

You will find the scientific research
here on the web site to show the
value of activity. It does sound too
good to be true. It is the lowest cost
thing you can do for yourself and has
no negative side effects. WOW what
a concept.
The AIM Program
The AIM Program is made up of a number of very carefully chosen components. Exercise,
nutrition and the mind/brain. The program starts with walking. Walking is the best exercise
and the perfect place to start. Once a person starts walking the habit of adding activity to
their life starts the important process. You need a blood pressure meter, a good pair of shoes
but other than that, most of what you need is furnished in our "Kit" which sells for only
      Order the AIM Tool Kit Now
Blood Pressure Meter
The blood pressure meter is a requirement for all particpants in the AIM Program but is
not included in The Kit. The reason, is that a lot of people coming to this program
already have a blood pressure meter. Each morning, before you get moving too much,
you will take your blood pressure. Take it three times with a short relaxation period
between each measurement. Record your third reading of systolic, diastolic and heart
rate in your Health Journal. If you have any question about the importance of taking your
blood pressure (regardless of your heart condition), think about the last time you went to
your doctor...what was the first thing they did...take your blood pressure! It is such a
good indicator of general health and begins to respond quickly.
Blood Sugar Meter
The blood sugar meter is also a requirement of the AIM Program if you are a diabetic,
but is not included in The Kit. Most diabetics already have a blood sugar meter and know
the importance of taking their readings as their doctor has instructed The blood sugar
reading you will be interested in for this program, is the first one in the morning, before
you have eaten or drank anything. Please continue to follow your doctors orders
throughout this program on taking other readings throughout the day.
Doctor's Orders
Before you start the AIM Program, please be sure to check with your doctor. Ask him or
her if you are healthy enough for light exercise. Please continue to follow your doctors
orders and continue with your medications until your doctor changes it..
The AIM Meditation CD
The Program starts with The AIM Meditation CD. We know that one of the hardest things
in any new program is the getting the basics right. To get you started correctly we have
created a high level meditation CD. You will listen to the CD for 20 minutes twice a day.
You don't have to do anything besides walking to start with, except take your health
indicators. The meditation CD will help reduce stress and train your mind to gradually
make changes to bring your body into alignment with the behaviors that will bring health
and wellness.
Read the report on why and how the meditation CD works
The AIM Pedometer
The pedometer is a simple devise you attach to your belt or waist band and it counts
your steps. You will wear it from the time you get up until you go to bed. All steps count,
even if you are cleaning house, going to the bath room or walking from your car to the
store. One of the best ways to measure activity is to count steps and that's what your
pedometer does. Each morning you will record "steps yesterday" in your Health Journal
and reset the pedometer. Your pedometer is a VERY important part of the AIM
Program since it helps you see your progress and helps give you positive feedback.
The AIM Measuring Tape
The measuring tape is another VERY important key to the AIM program. You will
measure around your belly (at the belly button, not the waist). The idea is to put the
measuring tape around the belly and suck in your belly as much as you can and pull it
tight, We want to measure the underlying fat not weak belly muscles. You will make
the belly measurement once a week and record it in your Health Journal. Always
record it...don't just measure it, because the recording is part of the AIM Program
positive feedback. Resist the need to weigh yourself more than once a month.
The AIM Health Journal
The Health Journal is another VERY important key to the AIM program. The Health
Journal is the place you record your readings each morning.  Always record it...don't
just measure it, again, because the recording is part of the AIM Program positive
See a copy of the journal.  
The AIM Walking Program
A walking hard can it be? It is not hard, but there is a lot more to it than
you may think to get started right.
  • Brochure: The brochure gives a lot of information about how valuable walking
    is, what to take to be safe, how to plan your walk and how to follow up with your
    walking buddies to get maximum value from your walks
  • Daily Gratitude Journal: If you are grateful for what you have no matter how
    small you will see them increase.
  • Goals: How to set your goals to be measurable, stretching and have a time
  • Buddy Contacts: This card is used to record your walking team's names and
    phone numbers so you can keep in touch and encourage you walking buddies
    to continue with the program.
Walking on the Waterfront with County
Supervisor, Erin Hannigan. We walk
with her every Friday at 9:00 AM on
the Vallejo Waterfront. For other
walking schedules go to our blog:
The Friday morning walk with Erin
Hannigan, Solano County Supervisor
on the Water Front in Vallejo