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Get the tool  -  Make a plan  -  Live your dream
Get the tool  -  Make a plan  -  Live your dream
One of the most valuable components of the A. I. M. Program is the Walking
Groups Clubs. In this day and age almost everyone knows that walking is good for
us. There is a ton of research to prove that point.We also now know that walking in
a group is even better. It is one of the reasons Alcoholics Anonymous works and
Jennie Craig and Weight Watchers works. The positive influence,the disapline, the
fellowship and the watching out for each other's interests just works and it is
just plain fun and nice to make new friends.
Walking Clubs
All About Walking Groups
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The A. I. M. Program is a self-help membership club which helps each other
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How dangerous is inactivity. Read the article Activity
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