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Connecting Seniors
To connect to a possible friend in your area please
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Loneliness Is Killing Our Seniors
There are thousands of seniors who are lonely, worried,
and are living in social isolation, and in addition, are
getting sicker and sicker and their doctors are at a loss
of what to do for them. You however, have the power to
If there was just one person out of the billions living on
this planet who you would like to see gain a friend…who
would it be? By submitting their name and phone
number to our data base we can connect them to other
seniors who can also benefit by having a friend that
cares about them.
We know from scientific research that seniors who are
lonely on average die 6 years sooner than those who
have active connections to others.
The people at the A. I. M. (Activity IS Medicine) website
have developed a Data Matching process that connects
seniors with just their Name, Phone Number and Cross
The site connects seniors who may be alone, with
others, who together, can create a self-help group and a
walking club. They exchange phone numbers with each
other in their group. They call each other to make sure
they are alright, schedule walking groups, give
encouragement, discipline and have plain old fun and
laughter together. They start walking, going places
together, exchanging recipes, sharing ideas, having pot-
luck dinners and start volunteering.
The result is improved health, less worry, more vitality
and a positive outlook.
To see how well the process works, go to our web site
and read “The Story of John” which shows how finding a
few good matches can change your entire life: