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Activity IS Medicine
Personal & Corporate Health & Wellness programs
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Get the tool  -  Make a plan  -  Live your dream
Get the tool  -  Make a plan  -  Live your dream
The company has developed scientifically
proven, behavior change protocols (practices),
in brain fitness, physical exercise, nutrition
advice and re-socialization to bring about real
change for adults of all ages, regardless of
current condition. The programs are run online
and in person in some locations.

Since the Body - Brain - Spirit is
interconnected, the program contains
lots of components to address all areas of
weight loss and diabetic control. You can read
how a 70year old man became an advocate for
health and lost 40 pounds and 10 inches and
got his health back.

For more information you can E-Mail us at:
gordon@activityismedicine.com.You will
actually get a personal e-mail response. You
can also call us at: 707-685-7647 Cell
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